Massachusetts Recreational marijuana shops in might open by July 1

  1. Recreational marijuana shops in Mass. might not be able to open by July 1 

    The Massachusetts’s Cannabis Control Commission met on June 14th without issuing the first commercial business licenses under the state’s voter-approved recreational marijuana law. The commission chairman, Steven Hoffman, told reporters that regulators hope to begin issuing licenses “shortly,” but said he could not offer a specific date.

    Hoffman said he would be OK with having no retail shops open for a few weeks after the July 1 target date if it means avoiding a problematic rollout, said he expects the commission will begin taking up license applications “soon,” and not ruling out the July 1st deadline. “It could be”, Hoffman remarked.

    ‘‘We are going to do this right. If that means we have few or no stores on July 1 and it takes a few more weeks, I hope and expect that everybody in the state believes that’s the right thing to do. We certainly believe that’s the right thing to do.”

     The Boston Globe

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